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Mombership Program


Do you want to be your true self without guilt or shame?

Moms who question the status quo, this program is for you!


We’ve developed a group coaching program to guide and support you through your self-development journey, because going through an awakening alone is hard and can be overwhelming.

This self-led program consists of four phases:

  1. Awakening: Phase one helps you identify your core values, by differentiating between external noise and what is true within.
  2. Understanding: Phase two helps you understand conditioning, by learning unbiased information beyond what we know from mainstream exposure.
  3. Accepting: Phase three helps you feel aligned with your true self, by overcoming shame and doubt placed on us by others.
  4. Implementing: Phase four helps you live your best life, by applying your learnings from the program in order to optimize your personal strengths and weaknesses.


What you can expect from completing this program:

    Feel confident and empowered by your individuality

    Develop new perceptions that alleviate your guilt about stepping outside the status quo

    Feel informed and educated about your decision to use cannabis as a mom

    Be able to advocate for yourself and your family

    No longer feel alone


When purchasing this program you will receive access to:

    Video modules organized by phase with tracked completion to demonstrate your progress

    Accompanying worksheets with practical exercises for each module

    Thought provoking journal prompts and reflective questions that are explored as a group

    Cannabis Foundation digital course

    Bi-weekly Live Q&As/support sessions with your coaches Annie and Jordana

    A dedicated, private shame-free support community on Facebook

    Bonus materials from thought leaders like Brene Brown and Dr Joe Dispenza

Frequently asked questions

  1. Do I need a Facebook account to access the program?

    Yes, at this time the group coaching program is hosted in a private Facebook group. We are working on hosting it independently for future cohorts in 2020.

  2. How long is the program? Is there a minimum weekly time investment?

    The program is self-led, you can do it as quickly as you want, or take as long as you need. If you allocate 1-2 hrs a week, you will complete the program in 4 months.

  3. Is this a one-time purchase for lifetime access?

    Given that we are offering a 90% discount for this cohort, access to the program is for 6 months.

  4. Is the program refundable?

    Given the digital nature of this product and having immediate access to the full program, this is a non-refundable purchase. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, please reach out to us at to see how we can rectify the situation.


*All pricing is shown in USD$.


5 reviews for Mombership Program

  1. Natasha

    When the Mombership was first talked about, I was reluctant to join. Expand my knowledge? Choose me? And grow even more so personally? The information I was already receiving in Mothers Mary Community was more than enough… or so I thought.

    The Mombership program, starting with the foundation course that Andrea taught was beyond educational. My knowledge on cannabis has surpassed my expectation of what I thought I was signing up for. It left me with an extensive knowledge and I am now confident when speaking about my use to family and doctors, or just talking about cannabis in general!

    The themes are a great tool to help with self-development and growth in every aspect that mothers, and women need in their lives. Overall the Mombership program has pushed me out of my comfort zone. It has allowed me to use the resources that are provided and implement them in my daily life. It is the most beautiful community of women and I most definitely look forward to the months ahead.


  2. Mary

    I love the Mombership for so many reasons. Andrea’s class is amazing and helpful in expanding my knowledge of cannabis far beyond what I was expecting, that is however just the start. The themes have easy tools to implement into your daily lifestyle that help in so many ways. If people think the Mothers Mary Community is amazing, the Mombership amps that up 1000 fold. Even though I am not as active in the community or the Mombership at the moment, I know that especially the Mombership moms are right there. This entire community of amazing people mean the world to me.


  3. Kristen

    When I first heard of Mothers Mary I was just happy to find a community of people who are using cannabis for medicine and doing so while pregnant and breastfeeding. I was pleasantly surprised it was much more than that. As soon as the Mombership was available I signed up. I learned so much and gained confidence to defend my reasons for using cannabis. Though it’s generally beneficial medically it is still currently illegal in my state. I have found new ways and better ways to medicate that I never would have considered before. I also know I have a community of women to come to and not feel judged or made to feel guilty about how I’m feeling. Especially if it’s suicidal thoughts. This community has helped me not feel the shame I once felt. It has made me feel empowered in my own medicating decisions. The Mombership is worth the money. I love you all!


  4. Leanne

    I absolutely adored the cannabis foundation class. I learned so much of the science behind why cannabis works that I never knew before! Being in an illegal state I don’t have a lot of easy access to information about cannabis. Learning about the terpenes and the different effects made me better understand my consumption. I really enjoyed every aspect of this class from learning what the Endocannabinoid system is, to how to make RSO. I definitely can’t wait to try my recipes!!! Thanks a million for this class, it really helped me better understand my medication.


  5. Maria

    The Mothers Mary Community saved my life. But once I was on stable ground, the Mombership program by Mothers Mary was integral in providing me with the tools I needed to STAY healthy. It reminds me how to manage my day to day struggles in a way that is empowering, and inspiring. It gives me a sense of community but also the confidence and power of knowledge. I trust the information I get in the Mombership program is accurate and true, and I arm myself with it as I defend my lifestyle choices.


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