Mothers Mary Announces Referral Partnership with Spartan Wellness Corporation

MONTREAL —- November 13th, 2020, In order to better support mothers, Mothers Mary Enterprises announced today a referral partnership with Spartan Wellness —a leading Canadian cannabis clinic who focuses on treating Veterans and civilians for mental health; helping thousands gain access to medical cannabis.

“We’re thrilled that Spartan Wellness is working closely with us and our Mombers since their main focus is mental health. No mother should ever feel like her hands are tied in caring for herself or children naturally” says Mothers Mary co-CEO, Jordana Zabitsky. Annie-Claude Bertrand, Mothers Mary co-CEO explains, “our community is filled with mothers who have been turned away by their physicians and are still desperately seeking help. Many of them are self-medicating, but there’s too much at stake to go at it blindly”.

Through this referral program, mothers and their families will be able to benefit from Spartan’s evidence-based approach to cannabis medicine; consisting of virtual consultations with a cannabis professional, individualized treatment plan, and hands on assistance in registering with a Licensed Producer(s) of medical cannabis. “We are excited to be working with and supporting the Mothers Mary community with our top-notch services. Our team is dedicated in ensuring that all our patients receive the best care and education to make the best decisions when it comes to their health and quality of life.” Mentioned Riad Byne Co-Founder & CEO Spartan… “The Mothers Mary community is unique and we recognize that working closely together ensures Mothers Mary community members can look to using the harm reduction qualities of medical cannabis over opioids and other more harmful drugs.”

About Mothers Mary

Mothers Mary is breaking the stigmas surrounding motherhood, mental illness and plant medicine. We help moms confidently step out of the status quo, through our group coaching program and 1:1 Empoweress Sessions. Our private Mothers Mary Community is known as a safe haven where you can find other cannabis/plant using moms, supporting one another across various stages of motherhood. As a social enterprise, we have committed 5% of our profits to our maternal mental health initiatives for moms in our community. 

About Spartan Wellness Corporation

Spartan Wellness Corporation is a leading medical cannabis clinic dedicated to assisting Canadian Forces, RCMP and first responders veterans since 2017. The corporation has also expanded its services to helping Canadians seeking medical cannabis education, prescriptions, and advice on a wide selection of reputable Health Canada approved product offerings. Spartan Wellness is a premier one-stop resource for Canadians’ medical cannabis needs and has helped 1,000’s of clients at its virtual clinic with a proven history of success. It prides itself on its 3 key measures for aligning clients with reputable suppliers: customer services, product availability, and product quality. Spartan Wellness attributes its continued growth to its 4 Pillars of Success: honesty, integrity, respect and giving back to the community. 

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Annie-Claude Bertrand
Co-Chief Executive Officer Mothers Mary

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