Mothers Mary | Cannabis Myth #6
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Cannabis Myth #6

Breaking the stigma that “Stoners are Lazy”

By: MeloMomentz



My name is Mel and I have been more productive in the past year than I have been in years. This is my Story and the start of my #Meloadventures. 

Having a then-undiagnosed chronic illness, I have often had bad days,  days where I didn’t feel well, days where I didn’t do much of anything at all. It was very easy for almost everyone in my life to blame my “cannabis addiction”.

If I needed a nap, “it was the pot”.

If my stomach was upset, “it was the pot.” 

Everyone wanted to blame “the pot.” 

One cold night in March of 2015 I suffered 3 major seizures in my sleep; suddenly I had a medical condition people couldn’t deny, yet they still blamed my “pot addiction”. One doctor even tried to convince me that cannabis use caused seizures. Two full years later, on my 3rd trial of anticonvulsant medications I noticed I was feeling worse day by day. My symptoms had increased and were now lasting longer than they had previously.


I was determined to not be labelled disabled. I started to work with High Canada Magazine, when I could, I pushed through the best way I knew how. I turned to cannabis and art to self-heal my mind and body.

It was when I began to make connections within the Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory Cannabis Community that my life really changed. The more I worked in the community the more products and THC I consumed, the more I consumed the better I felt. My symptoms decreased. I slowly began to wean off of my prescriptions and my quality of life increased three fold. 

It been a full year now and I have helped to organize a cup, been to 7 cannabis conventions and have travelled from Montreal to Calgary representing the passion behind the cannabis industry. I have written several published articles and I have even created my own line of cannabis jewellery that I have showcased at 2 of the conventions. The people that looked down on me and blamed “my pot addiction” often comment that they are proud of the success I have made. A lot of them now even come to me for advice and education. I am even told I look great now and people want to know my secrets…They aren’t my secrets. It’s cannabis. 

Facts are cannabis improves my life.  It allows me to heal while functioning. I know first hand that the world can suck. That doesn’t mean we can’t make the best out of it. Smile share and educate today. Be Melo live your best life. You never know who’s life you’re going to change…





November 23, 2018

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