Mothers Mary | Press Release
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Mothers Mary Announces Restructuring to Social Enterprise


MONTREAL —- May 5th, 2019, In order to better support social initiatives, Mothers Mary announced today a restructuring plan to improve business performance and cash flow generation. By changing their business registration from a not-for-profit corporation to a social enterprise, Mothers Mary Enterprises Ltd. will be in a position to increase the impact on the community by self-funding their initiatives. As a social enterprise, they will commit 5% of net profits to social initiatives such as postpartum care, maternal mental health, and cannabis use in motherhood.

“Due to the strict regulations of the Cannabis Act, there is an added level of red tape to obtain funding as a not-for-profit under ventures and initiatives that are completely acceptable in other industries,” said Annie-Claude Bertrand, Mothers Mary co-Founder and co-CEO, “We’re constantly having to pivot in a new industry like this, and we are always considering the best way we can serve our community”, describing the reasons for the restructure.

“Mothers Mary’s mission remains the same,” explains, Jordana Zabitsky co-Founder and co-CEO, “We have learned a lot in the past year, and are excited to take this key moment of change and run with it. The cannabis industry is constantly pushing us to be flexible, to think outside the box, and we’ve found a way to give our Mombers want they want and badly need.”


About Mothers Mary

Mothers Mary Enterprises believes in challenging the status quo in every aspect of motherhood. We are inspired to create a better future. We do this by empowering and supporting moms to be their authentic selves, and arming them with the tools to break the molds and stigmas of society. Mothers Mary Enterprises provides a nonjudgmental community, displaying unconditional support. We help mothers be their best selves through conscious cannabis use of intention and introspection.


Annie-Claude Bertrand, Co-CEO