Our Story

The sharing of experiences of motherhood brought them together as friends; their mutual passion for advocacy in maternal care and cannabis legalization blossomed into a lifelong partnership that became what Mothers Mary is today.

Since trying cannabis at age 27, Jordana has found that cannabis drastically changed her life. After struggling with finding the right antidepressants, being bedridden by pregnancies, and long bouts of postpartum depression, Jordana found that cannabis helped her find balance within her lifestyle and mental health. Driven by fear of stigma and desperation for support in the pre-legalization era, Jordana created a cyber support group for other mothers who could relate to her situation. The community expanded faster than she could have ever imagined.

One of those early group members was Annie, who after self-medicating with cannabis for years for mental health, turned to medical cannabis after becoming a mother for the second time during a struggle with postpartum depression and found it made all the difference in her care. With diverse experience stemming from the pharmaceutical industry in advertising and training, Annie knew she had something valuable to contribute to the lives of cannabis-using mothers. She left the industry to pursue her passion of supporting mothers in plant-based wellness. 

Based on their experiences facing the stigmas against cannabis using mothers, Jordana and Annie cofounded Mothers Mary, a social enterprise based on three pillars; motherhood, mental health and conscious plant medicine. Through self-development programs and community support, they help moms who don’t fit in to be their true selves without guilt and shame.

Our Mission

We believe in challenging the status quo in every aspect of motherhood. By empowering and supporting moms to be their authentic selves, and equipping them with the tools to break the molds and stigmas of society; we can create a better future.

As a social enterprise, we’ve committed 5% of our profits to maternal mental health initiatives for our Mombers.

Join the Movement

Exchange with like-minded womxn in our private community about motherhood, mental health & plant medicine. Check it out here

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