It has always been our vision to be a multifaceted company. From the very beginning, we have felt that healing and maternal mental care should be integrated, holistic practices.

We are proud to be following through with our dreams by introducing the Mothers Mary wellness division, which includes our existing self-development programs and expanding to all plant medicines. This branch of Mothers Mary will be represented by a brand new logo, that we are incredibly excited to reveal today. 

As you’ve seen in Part 1 of The Evolution of Mothers Mary, we are pretty big on symbolism. Let us explain our new logo, which will provide a sneak peek at the new paradigms Mothers Mary will be embodying moving forward. 

Lotus symbolism

The lotus has a dual meaning; it represents mindfulness with plant medicine, and the spiritual journey of self-development. 

In Buddhism, the journey of the lotus is said to mirror our own spiritual journeys. Mired in suffering (or samsara), our spirit starts out like a lotus bud, tightly closed and buried deep in the muddy darkness. It is only by living through the Buddhist virtues and working our way through varied experiences that we can slowly open ourselves to enlightenment. The lotus is also regarded as an important symbol of non attachment and resilience; it remains firmly planted in the mud while growing high above the water’s surface, unsullied by the dirt that surrounds it.

As some of you know, and for the new Mombers, Mothers Mary was born from the darkest depths of both our postpartum depressions. Little did we know at the time, these dark nights of the soul was the beginning of our spiritual journeys. Out of those dark times of despair, came the most beautiful, empowering, silver lining… our true life’s purpose; helping womxn live authentically in motherhood and challenge the status quo so we can do better!

Love & support symbolism 

During our entrepreneurial journey, it quickly became apparent to us, that the shame-free community support we provide is an integral part of the magic. When a mother is feeling guilt and shame over her choices and/or behaviours as a mom, she can quickly derail into a negative, self-sabotaging mind frame. We can avoid that by discussing these deep dark thoughts and feelings with other moms, and realizing that many of them have also felt and/or done the “terrible” things we have. The relief is unquantifiable, as we believe it is truly life-changing and even life-saving at times. This essence of community support, and being in this journey together in love and compassion (even for the really ugly stuff), is represented by the heart and hands. 

Altogether, this represents Mothers Mary Wellness and our continued mission to create a better future by empowering moms.

Mothers Mary Wellness Logo

Are you part of this special community yet? If not, be sure to check it out here.

-Annie & Jordana


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