Mothers Mary was born from the darkest depths of postpartum depression for both founders, Annie & Jordana, back in 2018 after the birth of our second babies. Little did we know at the time, these dark nights of the soul, were the beginning of our spiritual journeys and the birth of Mothers Mary.

You see, both of us have wanted to change the world from a very young age. As pre-teens, we already saw the cracks in our society’s broken systems. The moment we became moms decades later, these injustices and shortcomings in our social systems (Canada) were amplified, and we knew we wanted more for our children. This was actually one of the topics we bonded over very quickly, and it has guided our mission statement from the beginning;

We believe in challenging the status quo in every aspect of motherhood. We are inspired to create a better future. We do this by empowering and supporting moms to be their best authentic selves by providing them with unbiased information and tools to break the molds and stigmas of society.

Out of our darkest times of despair, came the most beautiful, empowering, silver lining… our true life’s purpose; helping moms live authentically, empowered and happy, rather than confined within society’s box; ashamed, guilty and isolated. Thus, our three pillars are motherhood, mental health, and plant medicine. These intentions have guided the symbolic representation that is our logo.

From the top:

  • The heart in heart represents mother and child, thus motherhood.
  • The open pink triangle represents the womxns yoni, thus wellness and womxn’s health.
  • The cannabis leaf completes the yoni, while representing plant based medicine.

And our name, well here’s a quick English lesson to help put it into context. 

  • Mother’s, note the apostrophe, would be the “possessive” form (belonging to whomever), example: mom’s cannabis was locked away. 
  • Mothers, no apostrophe, is the plural form (many moms), example: many mothers believe in plant based medicine. 

Therefore, our name Mothers Mary, represents moms who consume cannabis. This is what we all have in common, but it does not stop here. In our journeys using cannabis medicinally for postpartum depression, and healing ourselves via therapy and life changes, we quickly realized cannabis was only the beginning. It is a key that opens up a beautiful world of introspection and deep self-awareness. 

And so, we created the True Self Group Coaching Program for Mombers to experience this journey as well. This program is for mothers who are looking to transform from guilt and shame, to confidence and empowerment. For more details on our program check it out here.

-Annie & Jordana

Read part 2 of The Evolution of Mothers Mary; we are incredibly excited to launch our new wellness division, which will expand our offerings in both plant medicines and transformation coaching.


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