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Welcome To Our Site

Welcome to Mothers Mary, a social enterprise which was co founded by us, Jordana & Annie. Our mission is to fight the stigmas and help mothers feel empowered in their decisions surrounding cannabis use, by providing support and education within a nonjudgmental community.

This organization started due to the lack of support for mental health among new mothers, as well as the need to provide a safe place for moms who use cannabis. We created an online haven; a judgement free support group for all cannabis using moms where we can share our knowledge and experiences as cannamoms. We accept like minded mothers to join the Facebook group.

We are so excited to now launch our website. This opens the doors to reach more cannamoms, cannabis allies and newcomers. Our website will feature moms from all walks of life and their empowering cannabis stories, influencers who are crushing the stigmas building this industry from the ground up, as well as cannabis educators who are unveiling the side of cannabis that has been hidden for decades.

Have a look through our blog posts. As always, we’re very candid in speaking about cannabis and motherhood, as well as mental health. These topics have been taboo for too long. We know other moms out there can relate, so we’re using our voices to speak out for all cannamoms.


Jordana &  Annie

Mothers Mary

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