Mothers Mary | Cannabis Myth #5
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Cannabis Myth #5

Breaking the Stigma that “Cannabis Causes Mental Illness”

By: Sabrina Charron

Creator of Cannabis Infused Motherhood



The time is now, while legalization has just come into effect in Canada, to break some of the stigmas and demystify the myths surrounding cannabis. It is time to empower the public with unbiased information so that they can make an informed decision about consuming cannabis.


While there is a shadow side to cannabis and there are some risks involved when choosing to consume, there are also many benefits. Being aware of the risks, and knowing how to consciously take your cannabis, you can get the best experience possible whether its recreationally, medicinally or spiritually.


I know that spirituality and mental health seem like two completely different things to different people, but for myself they are interconnected. Cannabis is a very spiritual herb and has been used all over the world since the beginning of time in many different spiritual practices.


I wanted to start by sharing that cannabis is a tool that you can use to expand your mind, to heal yourself, to ease the stress that surrounds your life, to become present.


I have personally struggled with mental health since I was a teenager. There was a period of time in high school where I was contemplating suicide, I have suffered deep pits of depression, especially after becoming a mother for the first time, and I also suffer from social anxiety. I struggle often, but something that always helped me was cannabis.


Cannabis is like a best friend, or a big sister that is always there to embrace me and give me a gentle hug, telling me that everything will be okay. I find the best way to properly use cannabis for my own mental health is to set an intention to feel better when I smoke, to relax, to let go, to decompress. And it always allows me to do just that.


After learning about the mind-body connection, researching on the placebo effect and researching the amplifying powers of cannabis I can say that I am confident that cannabis is such a powerful healer because it opens our mind to a new perception which allows us to relax, breathe deeper, become calmer and heal ourselves from all sorts of different things.


My spiritual journey, which most definitely involves cannabis, has significantly improved my mental health. Without cannabis allowing me to expand my mind and my intentions to heal, I would not be able to get out of bed most days, or leave my house, or be able to show up for my special needs child and to be able to be his advocate and put myself out there to make sure his needs are met.


Without cannabis it is possible that I would be in the same state that I was in when I was in high school. I might not even be here right now. Cannabis brings out the best in me, it helps me thrive instead of just survive.


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