Mothers Mary | Cannabis Makes Me A Better Mom
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Cannabis Makes Me A Better Mom

Using cannabis makes me good mom. When I use cannabis I have more patience. I am calmer and I see the funny side of things instead of the anxious.

You know that feeling you get when you’re cold or hungry? You are just unsettled? Well, for me cannabis is like a warm blanket that feeds my soul. It’s what balances me. It’s what takes away the psychical symptoms of anxiety like shaking, and the electricity type of feelings in my limbs.

I use cannabis because it brings out the best of me. I am less angry, and irritable. Sometimes, depending on the strain I use, it can be like drinking a cup of coffee. My energy is up and I’m ready to go! If I need to relax and feel more calm then I medicate accordingly. That’s the beauty of cannabis and terpenes. You can medicate according to how to feel to elevate or dissipate that feeling. It’s quite miraculous.

I don’t know about you but, when my mood is down or angry, my whole family feeds off of that energy. I want my kids to remember a happy, calmer mom. Someone who enjoys playing with playdough or chasing them around the house laughing.

My kids deserve that mom.

I deserve to be that happy and comfortable in my own skin.

So I use cannabis.



Cofounder Mothers Mary

Instagram: @mothersmary_jordana

Photo credit: Amy Grauer

Jordana Zabitsky

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